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City Council Candidates on Bicycle Issues

As is our tradition, Bike Friendly Grapevine sends out a questionnaire on Bicycle Issues to each candidate. Below is this years letter and the candidates unedited responses. Thanks to the candidates for taking time out of their schedules to provide these answers. The election is May 10th ... Please vote and make a difference for Cycling!

Letter to the Candidates

Thank you for running for Grapevine City Council. We are very excited that you are willing to help lead our city into the future. I work with an organization called Bike Friendly Grapevine. This is a group of citizens that works to promote safe and fun bicycle commuting in our city as well as a more walk-able, live-able city. We believe it helps support our local businesses as well as cleaner air and healthier residents. Grapevine is a town prized for it's outdoor lifestyle by residents and visitors alike and we believe safe cycling is just an extension of this.

Every election year we invite our candidates to give us their opinions on bike-related topics. They are published in our newsletter and on our websites. We welcome your input. If you would like to be included in our publications please return, by March 27th, your responses to the following short questions:

1. Would you support a comprehensive on-road bike plan for the city?

2. Would you support a Safe Passing ordinance to protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists?

3. Would you support safe bike parking at our businesses?

4. And do you have any other suggestions for cycle-commuting in Grapevine?

I know your time is limited and valuable and we really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks again for running and for responding.

The Candidates

Place 5

Chris Coy
(incumbent, running un-opposed)

Place 6

Duff O'Dell
LuAnn Chapman Gatts
Marc Blum
Deverick P. Jordan

Chris Coy
(Place 5)

1. Yes; this is one of the most-requested items in citizen surveys, and we have already made several steps in this direction with good citizen input and favorable feedback. There is more we can--and should--do, and I look forward to working with the city departments involved to move forward with a comprehensive on-road bike plan.

2. I support a Safe Passing ordinance that protects all legal users of our roads, such as bicyclists and public safety officers.

3. I am a strong supporter of our bike rack program, where the City, in partnership with Baylor and local businesses, installs bike racks in Grapevine. But we have only scratched the surface on how successful that program can be, and I look forward to enlisting additional businesses who will accommodate bicyclist parking for their customers with additional bike racks in our city.

4. Citizen input is the key to moving forward with cycle-commuting as well as these other issues. Getting involved and sharing your ideas and thoughts, both favorable and constructive suggestions for improvement, will help us move forward with how we can further integrate these ideas and programs into Grapevine.

Duff O'Dell
(Place 6)

1. I am totally in favor of bike lanes on our streets and major roads in Grapevine where it is safe. I know Grapevine has a "share the road" policy and philosophy but I think we need to work together (the City Manager, City Council, Parks Department and your organization) to communicate with our citizens and educate them on exactly HOW to safely and courteously share the road with motor vehicles and bicycles. Bicycling is a healthy alternative to driving, helps prevent road congestion and also helps cut down on pollution - all great "selling points" in promoting Grapevine as a bike-friendly city!

2. I would support a Safe Passing ordinance so our Police Department would have a resource to help them keep our citizens safe whether they are walking, driving or cycling. Safety should always come first!

3. I don't know if we currently have ordinances in place to allow for bike parking at local businesses in town. If we do allow parking bicycles at businesses it would be important to have clear direction for our cyclists as well as the business owners to make sure we are all working together to ensure safety and common courtesy. We also need to make sure there is proper signage and proper communication to all citizens so people know exactly where they can park their bicycles.

4. Grapevine City officials have always listened to our citizens. When surveys revealed our citizens wanted more hike and bike trails, the city leaders responded with almost 17 miles of hike and bike trails. I believe having a cycle-commuting program is part of the overall quality of life we enjoy and have come to expect in our city. I do think all the key parties (listed in answer #1) need to work together on a comprehensive education and communication strategy to promote bike safety and proper road etiquette so we can all enjoy travelling our city streets and roads together as safely as possible. Again, proper signage is a key factor along with communication to area merchants, civic organizations, schools and citizens.

LuAnn Chapman Gatts
(Place 6)

1. I would support a on-road bike plan that would provide for easy access to and from our existing bike paths and trails. But there are a number of city streets that only have two lanes of traffic, many with parking and each area would have to addressed individually. I think it is very important to promote our outdoor lifestyle and we must educate and remind all users to be mindful and courteous whether walking, riding or driving.

2. I support promoting bike/pedestrian safety and know that although the majority of people use safe passing techniques, there are those who don't. My only concern about any new ordinance is 1. are the issues being addressed in other ordinances/laws, 2. is it able to be enforced and 3. does it address safety issues for both the vehicle and pedestrian/cyclist. I would be interested in how these ordinances have affected the areas where they were introduced. Is there a true decrease in safety issues, how many violators are cited and do these results last after the publicity dies down? It would also be an advantage to know how prevalent un-safe passing is in Grapevine.

3. Successful business owners evaluate their customer/employee/client base to decide what amenities to offer. IF they have a high percentage of bike uses, they will decide to encourage those bikers with parking. Although I support safe bike parking, I would not support a mandate with minimum parking requirements.

4. I would suggest perhaps doing a Biking Ambassador program in the Spring. Have bikers and perhaps a police officer at a highly ridership/walking area offering tips and suggestions to both motorists and bikers/walkers on how to be safer and more aware of safety issues.

Marc Blum
(Place 6)

1. Since that plan has not come to my attention, I would be interested in seeing it. I would not be opposed unless we are looking for substantial cost outlay by the city.

2. I believe that the DMV rules dictate at 3ft space between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, adding additional ordinances would not solve the problem. I would promote more to push safety in safe driver training and such.

3. yes

4. The cyclist must follow the same DMV rules as they should have learned from the safe driver training. Some of those we see being violated daily. A safe bicyclist will reduce their chances of injury just as much if not more than the driver of the vehicle who is distracted. In addition all vehicles should have warning leds front and rear (preferrably flashing) that will increase awareness that a bicyclist is there.

Deverick P. Jordan
(Place 6)

Did not receive a response.